Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The 2nd Nuffnang Cheque Has Arrived…


Previously, the first check, I cashed out once it reach its minimum allowable amount.. Yelah, for the first timer, I did it to make sure that Nuffnang really pay the blogger for the advertisements.. Yes they did!

But, this time around I decided to keep the amount increase until few hundreds before I cash out the money.. Until last month, I cannot tahan anymore, so I press the “Cash Out” button.. hehe.. And, yesterday, I got the cheque arrived at my post box.. Now, its time to think what to buy.. :P I am dreaming of new handbag.. Any brand, but must be spacious sling bag.. I want to put my baby stuff inside.. hehe.. Maybe the money enough for Guess or Nine West.. Or, Braun Buffel?? erm, this one, papa top-up, boleh? hehe..

Thank you, Nuffnang..


LynnDa @ PeNg said...

emy aku nyer baru rm3.35 sen...
nampak mcm tak bergerak jer dari dulu..
tak reti dah camne nak buat.. kadang2 aku tengok iklan tak keluar2 pun kt nuffnang tuu..

Rizziela said...

Naper nuffnang kita x ada duit pun? ke salah buat?

kenwooi said...

congrats on the earning =)

This is .... said...

nak kuar iklan, kena rajin update blog.. baru traffic blog meningkat.. baru earning pun bertambah..

dah tampal ads yang betul? kalau pilih ads yang salah pun, iklan tak keluar.. boleh check my previous post.. click on "nuffnang" label.

thanks.. :)

Uwa said...

krna rjin update ek

This is .... said...

kalau tak update, jarang le orang singgah blog.. :P

Uwa said...

kita punya takde $$ pun
sedey haku!

This is .... said...

salah letak iklan kot.. takpe, try dulu..

An Average Girl said...

hey im new to nuffnang, and i didnt know how to put the ads. Mind teaching anyway visit my blog ;D its a story line blog, about life. Leave some comment .

This is .... said...

An Average Girl,
In my post http://sayahappyslalu.blogspot.com/2010/01/make-money-with-nuffnang.html, there are instructions how to copy and paste the Nuffnang codes..