Thursday, December 25, 2008


Akhirnya dapat juga online using free WiFi.. Tapi, bukan Wireless@KL la, entah network mana la aku guna ni.. Kalau siang, memang xdapat langsung.. huhu.. Aku check kat website Wireless@KL tu, ada mentioned yang Wangsa Maju ada coverage.. Tapi, sampai ke sudah aku refresh xde nampak bayang pun.. huhu.. Tapi, ini pun dah cukup ok la ni.. Xde yang penting nak buat pun kalau online, saja2 je mencuba nasib :P

Mata pun dah ngantuk.. Abis cite "Anak Halal" ni, aku nak masuk beradu tido la.. Goodnight... :)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Free WiFi in KL

I knew about the *free wireless broadband service (with speeds of up to 512 kbps anywhere in KL) when En. Ahmad told me about this.. Free lagi.. hehe.. Wah, macam best aje.. Selama ni, kalau kat rumah, I switched on the WiFi button and hoping that I can get WiFi signal which don't require authentication or password.. From Starbucks, Jaya Jusco, perhaps! Berangan betul, punyalah jauh Starbucks tu dari rumah aku.. hehe..

Ok, the first step before we can get connected is to register at Wireless@KL, enter your details and submit the application. Then, you will receive activation pin through your mobile phone. Once the pin is received, login in the website with your user name and password. Then, it will prompt for the activation pin.. This pin is required for the first time login.. Next time, dah tak payah lagi..

Since I am in Senawang now, that was what I have done.. Actually, from the User Guide, we have to do the other way round.. Refer the following step.. Malas dah nak type.. hehe

Note: click for larger image..

To those who are staying in KL, you can try this out and share your experience with others..
I will try at home when I come back tomorrow..

*Wireless@KL's 512kbps broadband wireless access service will be provided free of charge for a two-year period.. (this sounds sooo good.. Just imagine, in this "cost-reduction and economic-donwturn" mode, how much you can save if you spend RM68 monthly for the other "service provider" broadband services?? Let's calculate together-gether.. :P)

Happy Holiday Everyone..

Just now, at the office, it was still not 5.30pm yet, but everyone was busy packing2 up their stuff.. wishing new year and Christmas to each other.. Seems like we will not come back to work anymore.. hehe.. But, anyhow, i know everyone feels the excitement.. It will be a loooong holiday for us, due to plant shutdown.. besides the leave deduction :(, everything is perfect..

Till then, have a great new year!

Monday, December 22, 2008

50 pcs Free Photos From EOE Online..

I did an entry about EOE online photo printing before, remember? After sending email telling them about the entry and my online printing invoice number, they replied me with a good news; they will print my 50 pcs photos and deliver the photos to me for FREE!! (This is another FREE "thing" that happened to me, beside the free electricity bill.. hehe.. Just writing about it in my blog, don't cost me any cent and sweat, right? :P). They took only 3 days to process and the photos finally reached at my doorstep.. That was very fast and good job.. However, I only managed to open up the plastic envelope a few days later because I was in Seremban on the day the envelope arrived at my parent's house in KL.. I just knew that the photos have arrived when I asked my mother about it..

These are the photos they sent to me.. They are properly arranged in 2 albums.. I was sooo excited to see those photos.. I like capturing photos, which is one of my hobbies, but unfortunately, my camera is stolen borrowed by my brother for his job.. This is the reason why I need new camera so much.. hehe.. When it comes to printing photos, only when I have extra $$, I will print my favourite photos.. However, what troubled me all this while is the printing rate is quite expensive (more than 30 cent for a 4R print) and I need to pay extra for their service charge.. On top of that, I have to travel back and forth to the photo shop; send the photos to print and fetch the printed photos... But now, with EOE online, no need to think about it anymore, everything is just at your fingertip.. click, click, and click some more (how many click la.. hehe), then, the photos will be delivered at your address... Easy right?I will definitely print other photos with EOE online again.. With only RM0.30 for 4R print (current promotion - i hope this will last forever.. hehe) and free delivery for orders above RM35.00, it is really worth it.. The quality of the photos also good.. Just remember, it is depending on the camera you use la.. Don't compare my 1.3MP Dopod camera with DSLR, okay! They are totally from different league... kuikuikui..

I did mention that I wanted to use the printed photo for my recent project, right? What was that?.. Jeng.. jeng.. jeng.. It is just a simple birthday card for someone..

I hope that "someone" will not get mad at me for posting it here.. :) Scrapping is also my favourite past times.. Hopefully, I can utilize as many photos I received from EOE online as I can for scrapping or otherwise, I put them in my personal albums..

Owh, in case you guys wondering how I got these free 50 pcs photos, I will briefly explain about it here.. It came to me when I unintentionally read my friend's blog.. She wrote about this online printing service.. I thought why didn't I try. No harm trying, right?.. By writing a review about EOE online, I am entitled for the 50pcs free print photos.. Then, when the photos arrived, all I need to do is to write about the outcomes/end product received.. This is what I am doing now.. :) Upon receiving our second review, they will send RM50 cheque to the bloggers.. Exciting, hmm? And... the most exciting part is one of the blogger will stand a chance to win an Olympus E-420 kit worth RM1999!. Wow weee..

Because of overwhelming response for this Blogger's Review Program and all 50 spaces have been filled up, they decided to extend it by introducing new Blogger's Review Program II with 100 blog entry spaces allocated! So, why wait some more? Go blog about it, friends!! When I'm writing this, there are already 46 entries in the list (54 spaces left), I hope you will have a chance to get the free photos like me as well..

Last but not least, T.H.A.N.K.S EOE Online.. I love the great services.. Keep up your work!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Surprise from Malaysian Government!

I was very surprise when I saw my last month electricity bill. It stated RM0.25 at the "Amount To Pay" column. I kept on looking at the bill and found out that some amount is supported by the government.. I didn't know that? Since when? This month, same thing happened, but, more exciting.. I don't have to pay anything... Except RM0.25, "tunggakan" which I didn't pay last month.. Dah murah pun, x mau bayar ka? haha. So, I ended up paying RM1.00 for the bill, because online transaction only allows RM1.00 as minimum amount. I can't wait to see my next bill, TNB will owe me 75 cent, I guess.. hehe..

Note: Are there any other bills the government want to support? I have a lots.. TM Streamyx, Maxis, Indah Water bills so on and so forth.. :P If they do, I will definitely vote them for the next general election.. Ayat bodek ni.. hehe..

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Sixteen days to the new year..
Time flies very fast without us noticing it..
Today is Sixteen-th of December..
Someone is getting older.. :P
Then, another "sixteen-th" will be coming next month..
And, suddenly I realized that I am not sixteen anymore.. ;7)

Note: This is neither a rhyme nor a poem..


Sepanjang hari hujan aje masa raya hari tu.. Memang tak keluar pegi mana2 pun.. Satu family duduk rumah, then, masing2 makan nasi impit berulang-ulang.. mana lah tak "sihat" semuanya.. hehe..

Petang tu, Nizam asyik mintak nak beli kek sebab nak ajak kawan2 dia datang celebrate birthday kat rumah.. Ayah aku bagi duit, pastu dia pegi beli dengan bertemankan family pak ngah aku.. And, inilah kek yang jadi pilihan..

Then, tiba masanya utk menjamu selera.. Enjoy these photos!

Tersenyum lebar adik aku.. dah dapat apa yang dihajati.. Adik2 aku camni la, kalau tak, sampai ke sudah asyik mintak2..

Family pak ngah from Melaka..

Nizam's friends, 2 orang aje.. Jadilah, buat syarat.. hehe..

Tu jelah cite sepanjang raya haji tahun ni.. Syok betul sekali-sekala makan nasi impit and ketupat (pak ngah aku bawak) and lauk2 tu.. Sedap2.. :)

Nizam's Birthday..

Birthday Nizam ialah sehari sebelum Raya Haji.. Takde celebrate apa pun hari tu.. Lagi pun mak aku xde rumah, balik kampung.. Plan nak ajak kawan2 dia makan kat umah masa raya haji skali harung la.. Senang cite..

Tentang hadiah, dia dah cakap awal2 kat aku nak hadiah mainan.. Tak nak yang lain2, sebab aku bagi hadiah mainan utk Sofia masa birthday dia.. So, aku belikan dia Hot Wheels Starter Pack.. Aku beli online je.. Nizam tersangat lah happy dapat benda yang dia suka..

Tengah bukak hadiah dari Liana..

Sofia, jadi tukang sibuk.. Dia jeles sbb Nizam dapat hadiah lebih.. huhu..

Hidup kena pandai bodek, jadi boleh dapat main sama2.. hehe..

Friday, December 12, 2008

Blogging From Phone...

Testing2.. Boleh x ni? Actually aku tgh try nk post entry from my brother's phone.. Bukan iPhone, tu kena tunggu jatuh dr langit. Hehe.. Guna nokia N77. Handphone den cap ayam je, xmampu nk berblog bagai ;p kalau berjaya ni, lain kali boleh tumpang guna internet lg.. Dia xpayah byr, ditanggung sepenuhnya oleh "U"..
Sekian dulu.. Tata..

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Yay, I received it! Thanks eoe Online..

Baru called mak tadi.. Tanya ada surat or apa2 sampai x? Mak aku cakap ada barang.. I knew it. They are 50pcs FREE photos I received from eoe Online. Thank you so much, eoe Online. Tak pernah aku cuci gambar secara percuma. :) You can see here my blog is listed on the bloggers review program. Yang no. 14 tu.. Hehe..

Later, after seeing the photos, I will blog about it and tell about this bloggers review program. Mana tau boleh menang grand price, kalau bertuah la.. Aku memang tak pernah bertuah in lucky draw or any contest.... huhu.. Eee.. tak sabarnya nak tgk gambar.. Salah satu gambar akan digunakan for my recent project.. Tekalah, apa dia.. hehe..

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Prosperity Burger.. I'm lovin' it..

Baru kutahu Prosperity Burger McD dah kuar.. Hari ni, rasa nak makan McD sangat... Makan ayam goreng ke... Tadi, borak2 dgn Hanim, dia la yang cakap yang prosperity dah ada balik.. Apalagi, makin terliur la aku.. Tapi, still boleh tahan lagi. hehe..

Bile dah malam ni, YM dgn Ernie.. Aku tanya dia... dia pun xsure.. Skali, boleh pulak iklan McD kat tv.. Aku terus babai kat Ernie, cakap nak kuar pegi beli la.. Kalau xmakan, sure xboleh tido malam ni.. hihi..

Burger ni memang favourite aku sejak dulu.. Makan sampai menjilat jari kaki ... :) Apatah lagi kalau dia punya black pepper sauce tu melimpah2.. huhuhu.. masih terbayang kesedapannya.. Cuma, malam ni aku makan dgn sikit bersusah payah.. gigi ketat, baru jumpa doktor.. payah nak mengunyah.. kalau la ada orang yang makan fries kena nyonyot, aku la orangnya.. hehe..

Note: Mc Donalds, boleh tak sponsor saya makan burger ni seminggu 3 kali?? hehe.. kalau la boleh, i am the happiest girl in the world! haha..

Monday, December 8, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha..

Masih belum terlambat kan, nak ucapkan Selamat Hari Raya AidilAdha kepada semua.. Maaf Zahir & Batin..
Best betul dapat makan nasi impit, kuah kacang, lodeh and rendang ayam.. Pak Ngah aku datang satu family, ada bawak ketupat.. Dapat jugak merasa makan ketupat.. hehe.. Nanti aku upload gambar... Ada celebrate birthday Nizam skali.. Birthday adik aku tu jatuh pada 7th December.. Kire sehari terlewat la..

p/s: Tak puas lah cuti 3 hari.. Nak cuti lagi.. :)

Online Photo Printing... Very Cool!!

Have you ever heard about online photo printing or tried to print your digital photos online?

Online photo printing service give us chance to save money and time, by allowing us to upload our favourite photos to the service website and get them printed. Once they are printed, the photos will be sent to our doorstep. No hanky panky, no trouble...

Easy, right? No need to bring your pendrive to the photo shop to get your photos printed. All is at your fingertip now. Click here for more information.

eoe Online is one of the website in Malaysia which provides this service. But, not only photo printing service, they also have a wide range of photographic products to offer to their customers. Click this below image to view their website.

How to print your favourite photos?
Follow these following steps and you will never lost.. :)

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Sounds good, mmm? Not forgetting the time you saved travelling too! So, hurry up!

About the payment, there are a few ways you can choose at your convenient.
1. Credit Card.
2. Maybank2u
3. Bank in to their account and fax the payment slip

Have a try, ok! Click here.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Lagi Kawanku Kahwin...

Kali ni, giliran Sariza pulak menamatkan zaman bujangnya.. Wedding dia kat Sungai Petani... Walaupun jauh, ramai jugak kawan2ku yang lain datang kenduri dia.. Best jugak sekali-sekala berjumpa camni.. Yelah, semua dah kerja and buat haluan masing2, tak tahu bila ada chance utk jumpa lagi....

Sorang geng kami, Nadia is missing..

After the wedding, we made our move.. En. Ahmad stay rumah Bajid kat Alor Star.. And, aku follow kawan2 aku pegi Penang.. Since, Ernie yang duduk Alor Star pun pergi Penang, jadi, I have nowhere else to go in Kedah kecuali ikut diorang semua...

Excited sungguh kitorang naik feri.. Sebenarnya, aku yang excited.. hehe.. Dah lama la xnaik..

Kitorang stay kat Padua Inn, Batu Ferigghi.. Thanks Ernie and Ely, sebab booked hotel yang special utk kitorang.. Aircond dia sekejap sejuk, sekejap panas.. Dyan asyik tarik selimut, bukak selimut.. haha..

Malam tu, kitorang (kecuali Dyan and Ely, tak aci, aku nak jugak sotong kangkung tu!!!) lapar sangat and keluar makan kat kedai berhampiran.. Sedap masakan dia.. Masing2 mencukai makanan orang lain.. hehe.

After makan, kitorang jalan2 kat tepi2 jalan di Batu Feringghi ni.. Ada night market.. Macam2 jual.. What is unbelievable is DVD only RM4.. Tapi, Madagascar yang aku beli tu, colour dia malap je.. Dah benda murah, takleh la nak expect gambar dia cantik mcm wayang.. huhu..

Mari2 beli, semua brand ada.. hehe..

Dah puas berjalan, kitorang balik bilik, then, sambung makan pasembor yang takde sotong kangkung tu.. Nasib baik orang belanja, xboleh nak banyak songeh.. hehe..

Pagi esoknya, aku bersiap2 nak balik dah... Ely hantar aku kat feri.. Aku naik feri ke seberang and jumpa En. Ahmad kat sana.. And, teruskan perjalanan pulang ke KL..

Note: Masa naik feri tu, aku pelik kenapa aku tak kena bayar apa2 ye? Puas jugak aku tertoleh2 kat mana aku nak bayar tiket tu.. Memang free ke? Pls advise.. :)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Best Shot..

Ada sesiapa boleh sponsor Astro tak? Bukan setakat sponsor decoder dia aje, tapi, tolong bayar bulan2 skali.. hehe.. Banyak pulak nak demand.. :P

Lenguh jugaklah tangan aku nak adjust ariel tv sebab nak tengok drama Gelora Di Hati Sara ni.. huhu.. Memang channel tv1 tak clear sangat kat umah aku.. And, slalunya, aku tak peduli pun..
Tapi, sbb nak tgk cite ni, bersemangat aku alih2 ariel.. Kalau tak, tak nampaklah muka Rosyam Noor and Fauziah Latiff tu.. nampak bintik2 je, macam hujan lebat... hehe.. Setelah godek2, ini lah yang mampu aku dapat.. Jadilah, daripada tak nampak langsung.. Sikit2 hujan rintik2 tu, kira halal la.. janji mesej sampai.. :P

Credit: Thanks to Kak Izan.. Tv ni, on-loan dari dia.. kuikuikui.. Nanti pindah, den pulangkan.. hehe.. Harap2 OK lagi la time tu..

Note: Tengok cite ni, macam baca novel.. Sebab, penulis skripnya ialah novelis.. I like!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

More Cupcakes...

On Sunday, lepas lunch, kitorang buat cupcakes lagi.. Tengah gile cupcakes, la katakan, semua nak dicuba.. hehe.. Kali ni chocolate cupcakes pulak.. Batch pertama tu, base dia perasa vanilla.. Yang ni, base and topping, both are chocolate... Tapi, I still prefer kek coklat kukus la.. lagi moist.. Next time, buat base dia guna resipi kek coklat kukus aje lah.. Lagi sodap.. Taklah manis sangat macam kitorang yang ini.. :)

Belum deco lagi.. Lubang2 tu sebab kena cucuk dengan garfu, nak tau dah masak ke belum...

Chocolate Topping Cupcakes.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cupcakes Oh Cupcakes....

Niat nak buat cupcakes ni datang bile ada satu hari tu, few weeks ago, aku kuar dgn Recks ke Jusco.. Masa kat MPH, ada byk buku2 resipi utk buat cupcakes.. And, there was a book which attracted us.. Sebabnya, ada free silicon tray and piping bag skali in the packaging.. Recks la excited sangat cakap nak belajar buat.. So, kitorang share beli.. Aku pun congak2 bila ada masa free and kitorang boleh buat sama2..

And, the day has come.. Recks dtg rumah aku hari ni sebab nak buat cupcakes.. Tadi, lepas amik Recks kat kem, kitorang pegi Seremban Parade utk cari bahan2 untuk hiasan... Belilah marshmallow sikit, chocolate rice, Smarties and pewarna.. So, ni lah gambar2 our cupcakes... Lepas masak cupcakes tu, kitorang cuba.. Erm, sedap lah makan gitu aje.. :P
Bile dah sejuk, baru hias dgn icing.. Tak cantik sangat deco yang kitorang buat.. Main tabuh je.. Pegang piping bag pun kekok.. letak icing asyik putus aje.. hehe.. Maklumlah, first time cuba.. Next time, kami improve lagi.. :)

Presenting our first ever cupcakes... :).. Takde tokoh langsung buat bisnes cupcakes ni.. huhu

Note: Yang buruk2, Reck yang buat.. Haha!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Selamat Pengantin Baru

Seorang kawan saya telah melangsungkan perkahwinannya pada minggu lepas on 15th November 2008.. Tahniah Nadia dan pasangannya, Ahmad Arif.. Semoga berbahagia selalu.. Saya dan kawan-kawan tumpang gembira... :)
Bila kawan dari geng saya masa di universiti ni dah kahwin, ada yang bertanya pada saya pula, "Bile lagi?".. Tersenyum simpul saya dibuatnya :) Hehe... Jangan risau, bila tiba masanya, akan saya jemput semuanya datang.. InsyaAllah.. Jangan tak datang ye! :P

Credit: Photo from Ernie's blog.. Sorry, saya cilok satu :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Dedicated to En. Ahmad Firdaus..

Congratulations, sayang..
I knew you could do it!
I am happy for you..
Wishing you are happy too (",) ..

Cik Emelia :P

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Kempen Cuci Tangan...

Masa Buletin Utama tadi, terdengar berita tentang Kempen Cuci Tangan ni.. That makes me interested and my eyes started looking at the tv screen.. (Biasanya, aku jarang tgk berita.. Just dengar aje sambil buat benda lain, mengadap PC, for example..)

Kempen ni dianjurkan kat sekolah2 untuk beri pendedahan kat kanak2 tentang pentingnya basuh tangan.. Ikut kajian mana entah , faktor utama berlaku sakit perut or penyakit2 tangan, kuku & mulut di kalangan kanak2 ni, sebab diorang tak basuh tangan dengan betul..

Apa yang menarik masa berita tu ialah aksi budak2 skolah buat demo basuh tangan ramai2.. Beratur dalam barisan, lepas tu angkat tangan, sambil ikut kakak2 dari Unilever buat gaya basuh tangan.. Comel sangat and buat aku tersenyum.. Bagus jugak kan kempen camni... Tak semestinya utk kanak2, tapi apply to all of us as well..


FootNote: Aku cuci sudu, garfu, pinggan mangkuk segala, tiap kali nak guna sbb takut ada tikus curi2 meniti atas barang2 ni time aku takde kat dapur.. Ini, namanya, terlebih concern @ geli.. hehe..

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

All Time Favourite...

First time aku try this game, aku dah suka.. Masa tu, aku baru first year in U.. Bukan special pun, just a simple game.. Nama sebenar dia ialah Winlinez.. Tapi, sbb aku tgk dia cam guli, aku tukar nama jadi "Susun Guli".. Senang aje main.. Just susun2 guli2 yang sama colour satu line, secara vertical, horizontal or diagonal.. Minimum guli kena susun ialah 5, so lepas tu, bola2 yang sama colour ni akan hilang and dapat point.. bingo! Tapi, bile kite move guli, ada a few guli yang timbul.. makin lama, makin banyak.. So, pandai2 la susun guli ni supaya tak penuh board tu.. Kalau dah penuh tu, kire game over lah... Hari2 bile main, berazam nak dapat higher score.. sbb lowest high score aku ialah 3394..

Tak tau kenapalah aku suka sangat, sampai addicted gile2, padahal byk lagi game2 lain yang ada.. Bukan addict setahun dua je, tapi, sampai skrg aku still main benda alah ni.. huhu.. Sampai makan pun lupa and boleh main sampai kul 2-3 pagi.. :P Time belajar dulu, mengadap susun guli ni boleh dikatakan every night.. Ayah aku pulak yang risau tgk.. Kalau baca buku, takpe lah jugak.. hehe.. Tapi, at one point, bile time nak exam tu, aku fikir tak boleh jadi ni.. Must do something.. You know what I did? I saved the game in a floppy diskette.. Game yang ada dalam PC, aku delete.. Pastu, aku baling diskette tu kat atas almari.. Jauh2 sikit supaya susah tangan aku nak capai.. hehe.. Bile dah takde dalam PC, takde la aku click lagi game ni bile aku buka PC.. After exam, baru sambung main balik.. up until now.. Tapi, kat ofis, mmg aku tak main.. Jangan buat gile.. Tak jadi keje aku nnti.. hehe..

Ada yang nak cuba? Aku boleh bagi, bukan besar sgt pun.. 60KB aje.. Tapi, tak semestinya korang akan suka macam aku.. Just have a try, why not?

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Movie Lagi: 007 - Quantum of Solace..

Bersemangat betul nak tengok sequential cite Bond ni.. Awal2 dah pegi tengok.. hehe.. Memang tak percaya aku boleh mengantuk bile tengok cite ni.. Erm, susah nak cakap la.. Kurang kick.. Jalan cerita dia pun slow, banyak cakap aje... Buat aku menguap.. huhu.. Best lagi cite Bangkok Dangerous hari tu.. En. Ahmad cakap, ni bukan Bond ni.. Bond kena kaki perempuan, minum2 and ada judi2.. Bond dah insaf kot, aku rasalah.. hehe... To those yang nak pegi tengok, teruskan.. Don't bother my opinion.. :P

I am looking forward nak tengok Madagascar 2 pulak.. Rasa macam best aje.. Walaupun, yang no. 1 tu, aku tak tengok.. Mesti enjoy and gelak2 tgk cite ni.. Syg, nanti kita pergi tengok, nak tak?

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Do you have any idea?

Semenjak 3-4 hari ni, aku tak tau kenapa aku tak boleh login YM kat PC ni.. I don't know why.. Tau tak kenapa? Rasanya, Connection Settings dah betul.. Kalau tak, mcm mana aku boleh online macam biasa, kan? Ada setting lain ke yang aku missed out?

Buat masa skrg, aku guna Meebo je.. Jadilah.. :)


Tiba2, tadi, ok lah pulak.. Pelik aku!.. Jangan ada problem lagi, sudah..

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Movie: Bangkok Dangerous

Ini bukan movie review.. Just saja2 aje..

Mula2, rasa tak nak tengok cite ni.. Sebab takut jalan cerita x best.. And, lagi satu, hero dia, Nicolas Cage tu, x hensem.. hehe.. Ini salah satu faktor kalau tgk movie, pelakon hensem and cantik2.. :P Tapi, bila dah tengok, cite dia ok jugak.. Action movie, tembak sana, tembak sini.. Cuma yang tak best, masa ending, hero dia mati.. Mati bunuh diri sendiri, pulak tu.. apa la..