Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How To Make Money With Twitter And ChurpChurp…

Beside Nuffnang, you also can make money online using Twitter.. How cool is that, hmm.. If you are a twitter lover, this is a good platform for you to earn more money online, and let share the ID so that we can follow each other.. hehe.…Don’t forget to follow me, okay! my ID is always SAYAHAPPYSLALU :) It is so easy! If you don’t have Twitter account, you can register here.. If Twitter is done, now the exciting part is how to make up the money.. First of all, you must register with Churpchurp


Once you have registered with Churpchurp:

1. Fill in the detail needed; your name, address etc

2. Approve access to so that they can post Tweets to your account.

3. Specify the advertisement you wanted to tweet, the frequency of tweeting according to your preference.

When mentioning about making money, we might be thinking how much we earn if we tweet about the ads? It is depends on how many Twitter followers you have, how many times you Churp and also the type of ads that you get .. So, that’s why I said, you follow, I follow.. Macam Abang Jem Sinar FM la pulak.. hehe..

For more info regarding Churpchurp, please click here

Note: Aku pun masih baru dengan Churpchurp ni, Twitter follower pun tak ramai, let’s see how it works.. The concept is same like Nuffnang, but here, no need to blog about the advertisement… Just tweet about the given advertisement.. How easy, rite? :)


hamiDahRecKs said...

aku pon da buhsan ngn la jadik yer kerja sec maya nih...haha

This is .... said...

ada twitter account tak? add la aku.. kite cot-cet dalam tu.. haha

George said...

love your blog.

Anonymous said...

nice info bro..

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