Saturday, December 4, 2010

Mirror Mirror On The Wall…

No no, it is not mirror.. It is an oven!

Haikal loves to see his reflection on the mirror or glass of cabinet, sliding door etc.. He will spread his wide smile and giggling while watching at his image.. I don’t know why he is so excited when seeing himself on the mirror.. Maybe he found there is someone who looks the same like him..

Have you heard old saying that it is not good for baby to look at the mirror? Why they said so? Since, there is no evidence that it will bring bad things to my baby, I don’t mind Haikal looking at the mirror often.. In fact, when he is in bad mood or cranky, I will bring him in front of the mirror and tease him, until he is okay.. It is not a bad thing, rite?

IMG_9708    Looking at his “friend” excitedly… :)


hamiDahRecKs said...

org2 dulu tak bagi sbb diorang pun nk guna cermin,nak melawa2..dolu cermin ada satu..mahal..hehehhe

This is .... said...

kekeke... betul jugak ek.. Dulu, perempuan tak elok makan leher ayam, takut bersanding kepala teleng yam.. Tapi sebenarnya mak2 nak makan.. haha