Thursday, May 20, 2010

Online Shopping.. Why It Is So Addictive?

Do you agree with me? :)

It is so true (in my case la), once you start doing online shopping, you will stuck to it forever.. haha.. Started with buying simple and cheap stuffs like toys like Hotweels and Barbie Doll, Tupperware and up to buy big item like stroller.. And, now I’m addicted to it.. Especially, browsing for baby stuff.. Senanglah, no need to go to shopping complex. Plus, sometimes can get it cheaper from elsewhere.. Suka sangat perasaan bila dapat parcel tu.. Feels like getting present from heaven.. haha..

Oh, if anyone know good links, giving good price of course, do share with me.. I’m interested with baby related stuffs like cloths, toys, books etc.. Please leave the link in the comment box. Thanks ya!

Note: Satu aje tak suka, sometime they overprice the postage fee.. I don’t mind hantar guna registered mail biasa aje.. Tupperware besar gedabak, aku hantar baru RM3.50.. Takkan nak charge RM10 for it.. logic la sikit.. Unless nak dapat cepat, yes you have to pay more, guna PosLaju ke, G-Dex ke..


ohmywtf said... shopping but i avoid online shopping except for air tickets :-)

Tn.Punya said...

Tarik trafik guna backlink... jom kongsi tutorial d sini