Friday, May 7, 2010

Image Resizer For Windows 7..

Blogging from my hubby’s PC.. He is using Windows 7.. Since, I have a lot of photos to upload, I found it difficult to upload if the image size is very big in MB.. Take note that Image Resizer Powertoy is meant for Windows XP, not Windows 7.. I tried to install it earlier but found out that there were some conflicts.. So, I googled and  got this software, Image Resizer Powertoy Clone for Windows which was created to extend support for non-XP and 64-bit version of Windows (including Windows Vista, Windows 2000 and Windows 7).. Click at “Download” tab to download the software.

For Image Resizer for Windows XP, can refer my previous post.

Note: My laptop sudah mula ditinggalkan di office.. Bawak balik pun, takde masa nak power on..


Brice said...

Hi, this is Brice (the creator of the Image Resizer Powertoy Clone for Windows). I just wanted to say: Thanks for your support!

This is .... said...

You're welcome :) I like this software, as I can save my hubby's storage with my crap stuff.. hehe..