Monday, May 17, 2010

Make Your Own Baby Sling…

Ever since I got pregnant, I’ve been aiming for having one baby sling for my baby.. Googled here and there to find the cheapest one in market.. Hihi, I don’t want to spend so much and end up my baby don’t want to sit in it.. So, I thought why don’t I try to make it by my own, which is cheaper of course!.. But still, I have to find the HOWTO in the web.. And, the steps were really simple and easy to follow.. There are many videos on the youtube on how to make ring sling as well.. Go and find it!

I bought the ring from Snuggbaby selling RM22 per pair.. Including postage, I have to pay RM25 only.. The fabric is the tough part.. I was not sure which fabric is suitable.. After discussing with the promoter and my husband gave his opinion, I agreed to take the “Scottish Band” style of fabric.. A little bit thick material and very reliable... Actually, need only 2 meters.. But, I bought extra 1 meter, afraid of the length is too short.. hihi.. The fabric cost about RM20++ as I can divide it for 2 (bidang besar).. The labor cost was free as my MIL helped to sew it.. yeay!

And there you go, my version of baby sling.. :P Not bad for the first timer, huh? Will find more suitable (yang sejuk sikit) and trendy fabric later..

IMG_6098 Carried Haikal during Angah’s wedding.. Haikal was sleeping in it..

imageDuring Mom & Baby Expo 2010.. I hold his butt and head because still not confident yet.. hehe..

IMG_6268Also can be used as his blanket while he’s sleeping.. :)


ohmywtf said...

awww..the baby so cute! :-)

Adlina Husaini said...

wah pandainya buat baby sling sendiri..

Queen said...

baby sling memang boleh buat sendiri...and also sebenarnya boleh belajar dgn orang indonesia utkikat..

i already did..and cant wait to use my own baby sling

This is .... said...

thanks! :)

mak mertua yang buatkan sebenarnya.. hihi..

Memang boleh buat sendiri, masalahnya saya tak pandai guna mesin jahit.. kekeke..

Uwa said...

kainnye beli kat mana? mau bikin satu jugak le.
apa nama kain tu?

This is .... said...

aku beli kat nagoya..
tak tau la nama apa kain tu..
ko cari yang nipis sikit le, takut baby panas..

eT said...

sori kak..nk tnya...ring ni akak beli rm20 sepasang ke 1?

eT said...

sori kak..nk tnya...ring ni akak beli rm20 sepasang ke 1?

sayahappyslalu said...

beli sepasang RM22