Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Baby Sling… Carry Your Baby With Style..

Baby sling, one of baby stuffs that I’ve been eyeing recently.. Browsing thru the web, I found the price isn’t cheap.. So, I’m thinking “Do I need it?”.. Okay2, put first thing first.. I need other things (baby cot, breastpump etc..) more than this.. But, no harm looking around, right?? Cuci mata.. :P

Tonnes of adorable design are available in market.. It makes your baby looks adorable in it too…

2260882599_832e66fa32 sling_dreamland_imageMia.Mod.Mum.Baby.Sling_th

Holding your baby close to your heart.. :)

baby-sling-mama-ll baby-sling

Source: Google


Source: hotslings

Papa also can help carry the baby by putting them at the back.. The baby seem enjoying their moment in the “Kangaroo Pocket’, hmm??.. hehe.. Sooo cute!


Don’t worry, you still look macho when wearing the sling.. except now, people know you are a married man! :P


But, if you feel tired of holding the baby all day long, don’t you ever put the baby like this! Then, no dinner will be served!!.. hehe..

cheap baby sling This is cheap version of baby sling :P

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Owh, talking about cheap baby sling, actually during my trip to Bukittingi few years back, I saw Ely’s aunt was using kain batik for baby sling.. It already been practiced by women there (in Indonesia)a long time ago.. And, it gave me an idea.. To make it looks more stylish yet within budget, why not I buy good quality of fabric and then, `paksa` my brother to sew it (I’m afraid using the sewing machine.. hehe).. So that, I can own one baby sling.. We see how it goes..


Actually, there are many websites teach about how to make your own baby sling! Click here, here or here..

And, how to wear baby sling?? This is one of the simple style you can try..

howto Source: Little Pod

Note: Cerita tentang baby stuffs, memang tak akan habis.. The lists will go on, and on, and on… :)


atfina said...

hi..i just bloghopping..about baby sling yer..cuba consider sling with ring. i've heard positive review on that better than without ring as its easier to adjust...hehe only my tot. my daughter dah nk dekat setahun..dok teringin baby sling..sampai sudah tak beli..

This is .... said...

hi atfina,

thanks for sharing.. nanti kalau rasa nak beli, i buat more research about it..

Dandelion said...

emi dr haritu aku nk komen tp xsempat2. i suggest u buy after bb dh lahir. kalau boleh, pinjam dlu kwn punya to try so that u can choose which suits u n baby best. aku bli awal2 1 ring sling n another 1 is pouch from hostling. tp ihsan xnk pun duduk dlm tu! dia meronta2 nk kuar. dia nk bebasss! rugi jek aku bli mahal2 haha :P maybe sbb dia xbiasa sama. aku ingat dia dh bsr sket br nk try guna lagi n put him in sitting position. hopefully dia nk la.

yup sling ring is adjustable n boleh la guna lama as d baby gets bigger so that xsnug sgt. but pouch pn ok. easier n fast xyah adjust2 :D

This is .... said...

ina, bagus jugak idea "pinjam" tu.. tapi, siapa yang nak bagi aku pinjam ek? try pakai kain batik dulu la.. hehe..

ami said...

nak tanya, kat mana area klang valley yg ada jual bby sling yg cantik2 design nya..? nak beli online boleh, tp nak jugak rasa best ke x best memakai nya..

This is .... said...

kat fabulousmom ada. yang biasa saya pergi lah.