Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sunway Lagoon Free Admission.. Is It For Real?

I just read Cik Kart’s blog and found out about this.. And, quickly I opened Sunway Lagoon’s Website.. Yes, free admission.. from 18th December 2009 – 3rd January 2010.. But, but, don’t get too excited yet.. The FREE admission is only for entry to “Nite Park @ Sunway Lagoon”.. Erm, thinking at positive side, it is better than nothing, hmmm? Let’s bring your friends, kids or family before the promotion ended..

To find out more, click here.


Note: Jom abang, kite gi jalan2.. Orang pregnant bagus jalan2 ni, kan? hiihi.. Alasan!


Fallen Angel said...

It is real been there before xmas, nothing much as it is pay per ride basis, and also nothing much you could play there.. Thus I just went in snap snap and off to pyramid..

tinakhamis said...

yes...hanya sekadar mencuci mata..alang2 masuk free kan...kita redah jer laa...

~ZuE~ said...

mcm best jek..nk pegi juga laa..tp mesti rmi org..huhu

This is .... said...

Fallen Angel,
If I go there, I can't play any extreme games.. My big tummy do not allow me.. hehe.. But, anyway, I will enjoy taking photos..

Cik Kart,
Betul.. Aku suka benda free. haha.

Kak Zue,
Erm, pegi weekday, tak ramai kot.. siang tu, amik MC.. haha.. good idea!

Farah Annysa said...

br nk pergi rini, tp di post poned ats sebab tertentu. igt nk msk amik gmbor. huhu

This is .... said...

kalau pergi, don't forget to keep me updated ok.