Sunday, December 13, 2009

My Tupperware Clearance Sales..

I’m letting go a few Tupperware items.. They are all new items, never been used..

The Pink Wonders are limited release until end of this month.. Look at the colour, so sweet! :)

pinkwondersTupperware Pink Wonders 800ml
8.2cm(H) x 16.8cm(D)

I have 3 in my stocks..

RM11 for 1 unit not including postage

RM36 for all 3 units (including postage!!)


pink wonders2

Tupperware Pink Wonders (2) 1.8L
10.2cm(H) x 21.3cm(D)

Normal price: RM56.00 for 2 units

Now with 40% off, RM33.00 for 2 units (not including postage)


modular mates 1

Modular Mates Oval II 1.1L
18.3cm (L) x 9.3cm (W) x 11.5cm (H)

RM17 (not including postage)

modular mates 2

Modular Mates Round II 440mL
9.0cm (D) x 11.5cm (H)

I have 2 units..

RM10 each (not including postage)

Items can be combined, so that you can save the postage charges.. The charge will be advised later… If interested, pls leave your email address, i will get back to you very soon..

Credit: Photos from Google


ErnIe said...

emy, aku nk beli yang pink tu. nak all three.. boleh tak?

This is .... said...

boleh.. nanti aku pos..

ErnIe said...

aku dah bank in kat ko..

Anonymous said...

Hi Emy! Hope it's not too late to congratulate you on your pregnancy :) Enjoy the 9 months journey.. it's so precious.

Btw, ko jual tupperware eh? Inform lah aku bila2 ada offer best k.


This is .... said...


thank you!

aku tak jual secara besar-besaran.. just to friends and family aje.. of course with special discount!.. hehe.. tapi, kalau orang lain nak, pun boleh juga..

ErnIe said...

aku dah dapat parcel ko. mak aku bgtau tadi. thanks

This is .... said...

owh.. good, cepat jugak ye..