Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New Jacket Collections..

I just received new jacket from the company.. It is a token of appreciation for the staffs towards improvement of company performances.. I choose the size to be big enough so that it can cover my big belly.. hehe.. I know I will look like a lab technician when wearing it, but, I still happy  because it’s free.. :) And, I am even more happy if there is announcement for bonus for this year.. (harap2 lah!.. )

Picture 149

The other day, I did presentation during Engineering Showcase, and as a presenter, I received one jacket in beige colour. Engineering Showcase is company event for engineer to showcase themselves to the higher management and share technical knowledge with other engineers..

IMG_1980 Certificate and Jacket given by the GM after the showcase..

I’m thinking to stitch the jacket with my name on it.. Just like I did on the first jacket I got 2 years ago.. Barulah glamor.. haha..


LynnDa @ PeNg said...

wah dasyat tuh emy...
macam present thesis laa plak...
aku sampai sekarang takut nk present..

This is .... said...

nervous jugak la, peng.. biasalah tu.. laser pointer tu entah ke mana2 dah dia bergerak sebab tangan menggeletar.. haha..e