Saturday, December 24, 2011


Masih ada yang tercari-cari plan yang bagus untuk iPhone? To tell you the truth, I have been comparing all those plans offered by all subscribers including DiGi, because my hubby is using iPhone.. Berita baik ialah Digi iPhone plan is the cheapest and most affordable among all! Believe me.. I’ve shared about it before and that’s why aku bertukar ke Digi! I am a happy DiGi user now but not yet an iPhone user :)

Baru-baru ni, iPhone 4s sudah berada kat pasaran Malaysia.. Sometimes, aku curious sangat kenapa ada yang sanggup beratur malam-malam kerana iPhone 4s tu? I would prefer spending my time at home rather than queuing for something I don’t know about.. huhu..


But now, I know why people are “mad” like that.. It is because the iPhone 4S come with Siri application, a very intelligent assistant, invented by intelligent people! With superfast dual-core A5 processor and iOS5, can you imagine the speed when you open any apps? Hardly no delay at all! Dengan 8MP camera, kualiti gambar bertambah baik.. Dahlah gambar cantik, video pun boleh record dalam HD mode with 1080p of HD video recording.. Apa lagi yang tak ada? Semua ada dalam Siri.. That makes Apple distinctive from others.. I wish I could have one, one day…

d Tempting! No one will resist!

digi One of the best application invented by Apple!

Oh ya, sebelum aku terlupa, I better share about this.. DiGi is offering exciting package for those who plan to own the iPhone 4S.. The 16GB Siri itself berharga RM2090 berbanding retail price nya RM2299.. You save RM209 here and you can choose between iDiGi 88, iDiGi 138 and iDiGi 238 plan for your monthly commitment which is RM55, RM88 and RM156 respectively.. If happen I have to make a choice (ececeh, berangan dapat iPhone 4s.. hehe), surely I will choose the lowest plan, iDiGi 88.. Mahu save, maaaa…. hihi..


This below table show the monthly fee and the package offered.. Contohnya, kalau ambil iDiGi 88, monthly fee ialah RM55, dengan voice call free selama 200 minit, 200 SMS, 20 MMS dan 1GB data for you to surf internet anytime, anywhere..


Satu lagi yang aku suka sangat-sangat dengan DiGi ialah kalau data exceed 1GB, kite still boleh continue guna data unlimitedly, tak ada charge apa-apa pun! Best, kan? Cuma internet speed might be slow a little bit.. But, from my hubby’s experience who are also using DiGi, he said it is not significant at all.. You can still browse like you always do..

To order the iPhone 4S Online, it is so easy.. Everything is at your finger tip.. Click on “Buy Online” icon.. It will bring you to the Order Summary page..

iphone4sChoose the iPhone 4S type whether you want it 16GB, 32GB or 64GB with black or white design.. Next, choose the Postpaid plan.. It will automatically calculate the total amount for you.. Kalau pilih Auto Billing, we will get RM5 rebate in our monthly bill.. Auto Billing kat sini bermaksud, direct charge from our credit card.. So, no hustle bustle to pay bill at the counter.. You can go to the nearest DiGi Centre to sign up for Auto Billing..

Then, when you click on “Registration” icon, this below image will pop-up on your screen.. Choose to keep your DiGi Postpaid number or get new number for your new iPhone 4S..


If you choose to use your existing DiGi Postpaid number, you have to fill in this form..


And, the very last step, you will proceed for the payment… Tada.. That’s all.. Wait until they deliver the Siri at your doorstep with no delivery cost.. Easy, rite? :)



Sesiapa yang berminat nak menang iPhone 4S from DiGi, you can refer Nuffnang blog entry and take part here.. By writing this post, I wish myself all the best.. hehe..


LynnDa @ PeNg said...

alamak rugi aku tak beli masa telco buat promo utk cimb staff... utk plan rm100 celcom harga fon 900++ jer.. tapi contract 2 years laa.. ruginyerr

sayahappyslalu said...

itu iPhone 4 ke? husband aku amik plan RM43 aje.. tapi bayar RM1980 kalau tak silap.. package digi..