Sunday, December 4, 2011

I Won Limited Edition Coca-Cola Heritage Bottle From Says.My…

I can’t believe my ears when I received a phone call from regarding this.. huhu.. I might say it was my lucky day.. All I did was, I tweeted this : “Have you seen the #CocaCola illumination on PWTC? It’s the largest LED wall screen in the world! A must watch! –”,  print screen my tweet, and then sent email to them.. Easy, rite?


I went to collect at office in Bandar Utama on last Friday, after office hour.. I said to myself, I must collect the bottle set within the said date , not everyone has a chance to have this limited edition stuff.. Even though, I am not a Coca-cola fan, but, it’s quite interesting to have this as my collection.. :)

CokeCB-Box_v9D.I2 The look Coca-cola Heritage Bottle.. My first question upon receiving the prize was “Can I drink this?” haha.. Don’t ever show to Haikal, if not, he will ask me to open it.. huhu..

Browsing around the office, wow! they have very cool office! Can you see at the wall? They scribbles anything on the wall.. Macam brainstorming, plan, dateline so on and so forth.. Looking at each of the staffs there, I feel like “Bestnya kerja macam diorang..” Replying emails, read twitter, post new campaigns etc.. hihi..






IMG_3689  A lot of things on this wall.. Can you read it?


IMG_3692 Me and the Coca-cola set.. :)

Before I collected the bottles, I have been asked by 2 strangers whether I want to sell the set or not.. huhu.. If I sell, how much the price should be, hmm? I don’t have any idea.. My answer is, for the time being, I want to keep it.. One of the staff said to me, “keep it for a long time, when the price get higher, then you sell hehe” something like that.. Erm, good idea, kan? hehe.. We’ll wait and see.. There are many peoples crazy about these collectibles, you know..

Last but not least, thank you Hope I can win something BIG in the future.. :)


cheqwa said...

besnya ^_^ tahniah

asfiedaimpiana said...

salam perkenalan, found ur blog by browsing about the collection. me pun won the same prize tp blum ambil di nuffnang. me pun tgh plan nak jual the collection, tot nak jual di ebay @ mudah..price?..hurmm tgh survey market. same wit u, me pun dah ada yg tana nak jual ke tak...ekekekee neway tahniah.

sayahappyslalu said...

Thank you :)

ic.. i belum plan nak jual lagi.. yeah, tak tahu berapa biasa orang jual.. if you dah jual, let me know okay.. :)

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