Monday, December 26, 2011

DiGi iPhone 4SURE 4 ME…

Ever since Siri has been launched in Malaysia’s land more than a week ago, I have been thinking how to get it for FREE! Dapat bonus from the company, only 0.5.. Tukar tayar 4 biji, renew roadtax kereta, you tell me what is it left for me? huhu.. I have no allocation for the new Siri, you know! Anyway, my life did not end there.. Life must be continued as it is, right? hehe..

Okaylah, let me tell you why I want the ah-mazing iPhone 4S..

1) Current condition of my hand phone

This is how my handphone looks like..

IMG_3880  Can you spot what is missing??? It is the stylus pen.. Knowing me, aku ni jenis tak boleh ada banyak barang or accessories.. Sometimes tak sedar pun ada yang hilang.. So, one solid handphone, like Siri is a perfect one for me!

Actually, handphone yang aku guna ni ialah hantaran kahwin yang aku bagi untuk my hubby masa kahwin pada 2009.. And recently he bought himself an iPhone 4.. He gave his phone to me.. So kira “Handphone-Buruk-Siku” lah ni.. Aku dah bagi, lepas tu aku amik balik.. hihi..

Imagine lah, this phone dari 2009, now we will enter 2012.. So, the application is not up to date like the latest Siri, for sure.. No Twitter apps.. I am Twitter-addicted, mind you.. hihi.. No whatsapp messenger for me to chit-chating with my friends which most of them have the latest smartphone in their hands.. So setiap kali nak berhubung, I have to spend 5 cent to send an SMS to them or sometimes more.. Of course the conversation did not end with one SMS je, kan? Smile with tongue out

2) I never have an iPhone before

That’s why I want that Siri so badly! Siri-ously! Aku tak pernah memiliki sebarang iPhone sebelum ni.. Am I sound outdated? It’s about the budget actually.. Kadang-kadang, ada niat nak beli untuk diri sendiri.. Tapi, niat sahaja tidak boleh kalau ongkosnya tidak cukup.. kehkehkeh.. Jadinya, kalaulah menang Siri ni, it’s like dream comes true..

3) 16th January is just around the corner..

Tahu tak 16th January tu tarikh apa? It will be my birthday, lah! hehe.. Oh, alangkah bestnya jika dapat Siri from DiGI as my birthday present.. At age of 29, it’s never too late to own an iPhone 4S.. Surely, I will smile from ear to ear.. hehe.. And, definitely, it will be the best birthday present ever.. :) My husband already gave me my birthday present in advance, so the chance to get it from him is very slim.. hihi..

That’s about it.. If you guys have a dream to win an iPhone 4S from Nuffnang & DiGi, you still have a chance to win it.. The due date is on 28th Dec 2011, 11.45 pm! Better hurry, peeps!


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