Monday, December 26, 2011

DiGi iPhone 4SURE I DO 1ST…


What is the first thing I’ll do if iPhone 4S is mine?

Definitely, the first thing will be I accommodate the Siri with iDiGi 88 plan! iPhone tanpa data plan adalah umpama hidup tapi tak bernyawa.. You know what I mean, right? Smartphone without internet connection is useless.. Baik guna handphone cokia aje, yang hanya boleh buat call, send and receive SMS, alarm clock, that’s it! hehe..


Why choose Digi? Digi is offering the most affordable package in town.. No doubt! Why need to spend more when you can get it with cheaper price, hmmm? Betul betul betul..

Why iDiGi 88? As I said before, saya mahu jimat cermat sempena tahun baru ni.. :) Lagipun, aku ni orang yang jenis jarang call, suka SMS aje.. So, iDiGi 88 seems more than enough for me.. Don’t worry, even though the data is for 1GB, if I exceed the 1GB usage, I still can continue using it without worrying they will charge extra.. No extra charges will be imposed.. Kenapa? Tak percaya ke? If you don’t believe it, wait until you witness your first bill.. :P

As a conclusion, the first and foremost, I must get the data plan!! I cannot Facebook-ing, Twitter-ing, whatsapp-ing and YouTube-ing without internet connection..

P/S: I’m in the challenge to win iPhone 4S from Digi and Nuffnang.. You also can join before it’s too late.. Because better late than never is not applicable here.. hihi..

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