Thursday, November 19, 2009

Windows Live Writer, Make Blogging Easier…

That day, I promised to talk a little bit about Windows Live Writer, but I just don’t have enough time.. So, there you go.. I found out, this software is easy to use.. Very user friendly, all the features needed for blogging (like uploading photos, videos, putting on hyperlink or watermarks) are already included in one package.. except, no photo editing software lah..

How to use it? Just download the software, then, install it in your PC.. For quicker installation, just select Windows Live Writer and leave other unnecessary applications behind.. Once you have installed it, the power of blogging is at your fingertips.. :P

The first step is to setup a blog account.. If you have more than one blog, you can key-in separately.. image

WLWWindows Live Writer is detecting your blog theme..

Now, you can start publishing your post using WLW.. Happy Blogging!

Oh, by the way, you can upload photos by "Copy & Paste" the photo from your local directory into the WLW screen.. Not time consuming at all.. If your photo is very big size (a few MB), you can reduce the file size using Windows Image Resizer.. You can refer my entry here..

Note: Remember to set the setting to “auto save” your entry every few minutes… It happened to me when this WLW got hangup (maybe due to my old-and-slow PC) and I lost what I wrote.. :(


lionel0008 said...

I wanted to try that too.
How do u upload the photos using live writer?

lionel0008 said...
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This is .... said...

Hi Lionel0008,
That's easy.. just copy and paste the photo you want..
note: I have updated my entry with that info..