Friday, November 20, 2009

It’s Time To Say Goodbye…

My supervisor, Heong is leaving.. Today is his last day… Aaa.. dah dekat nak balik tadi, terasa sedih pulak..  I would say, he is the best boss I ever work with, for these 3 years!! And, I learnt so many useful things from him.. It’s kinda hard for me to work alone without him, but I will try… until I cabut.. hehe..      

This afternoon, we were having farewell lunch with him and his wife, Lesley at the Secret Recipe, Senawang..


IMG_2610Lesley and Heong.. Thank you for the friendship..


IMG_2612 Nida and me..

IMG_2613 Present giving..

Thank you for everything, friend! Till we meet again in Penang.. He will be presenting our paper in EMAP this December.. I will give my full support as usual :)


Melz said...

kiri ke kanan boss u ? :D

This is .... said...

yang kiri tu la.. wearing blue shirt.. :P

kenwooi said...

it's hard to say goodbye at times..
but people come, people go.. =)