Thursday, November 5, 2009

I Am One Of Mum’s Story Winners..

You know what, I got a very gooood news that made me smile from ear to ear.. hehe.. Let the email tell you the story..

Subject: Mum's Story Winner
From: Danone Dumex MY CareLine

Dear Ms Emelia

You are one of the winners in our "What's your favourite story about being a mum or mum-to-be?" Mum's Story Contest.

Thank you for participating in our contest. We already courier your prize, a My Little Library set.

We look forward to your participation in future activities!
Also, don't forget to call our CareLine at 1-800-38-1038 or visit for nutrition and parenting tips.

Best regards,
CareLine Supervisor / Mum

Earlier on, Dumex invited the members of to share stories about their pregnancy journey, looking after children and other story about the motherhood experiences.. The lucky winner will walk away with My Little Library Set… I was thinking, ah why not I join? I have my own story to share, same like other mommy-to-be out there.. Maybe I can be the lucky one, who knows.. Actually, I was attracted with the prize la… :P


I just tried my luck and hoping it was not too late because I sent the story at the very last minute.. Week by week went by, I kept on flipping the website, very eager to know whether they have announced the winner or not.. At last, I found this! :)

mumSeronok tau.. I never won any online contests or giveaways before.. Maybe I was not lucky enough.. Even in lucky draw, hadiah kecik2 pun tak pernah dapat.. huhu.. So, ini kira rezeki baby, kot.. ;)

My short-and-last-minute-essay titled "Open Letter to Our Little Bundle of Joy" can be viewed here.

Yesterday, my hubby went to the SkyNet office in Balakong to collect the prize.. (sakit2 pun, sempat pegi tolong amikkan.. Thank you, abang!) When I reach home, I was happy to see those cute books set on the sofa.. It is the first ever books owned by our little one.. I'm thinking to start reading them out loud for my baby.. What do you think? Is it a good idea?

Picture 259

Picture 261

Picture 263 My cute little library..

Thank you, Dumex.. I love the books so much! Hope our baby will love it toooo… :)


kenwooi said...

congrats =)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi, was at Ummi's blog noticed your unusual callsign, 'this is'...ha ha, very original.
Well done...keep on trying. Siapa la tau maybe one day dapat BMW to drive home?
Have a beautiful weekend, Lee.

This is .... said...

hi kenwooi and Uncle Lee,

Thank you.. :)

Anonymous said...

jelesnye.. nk carik buku camtu tuk mukhlis gak la, hihi..

This is .... said...

buku ni ada jual.. tapi, aku try bukak website yang dia bagi, tak boleh pulak..

aiEN5283 said...

erk.. katne? nk bliiiii..

This is .... said...

Kat tapi, aku bukak, tak pernahnya dapat..

mama zharfan said...

congrats for ur winning !!! best kan menang hadiah ;) thanks for visiting my blog yer ;)

This is .... said...

mama zharfan,
Thank you.. tak sangka pun boleh menang.. hehe..