Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Baby Kicking and Punching!

Sometimes I could feel my baby actively kicking my tummy, especially at night, after taking dinner.. Rasa geli2 pun ada.. :) At this stage of pregnancy, the movements become obvious and I can easily detect that my baby is moving.. There was one time, I saw my tummy goyang2 and hubby also can feel it.. syok sangat!

It is so wonderful to know that there is someone inside your body, who can feel your voice, share the emotions and responses to you.. I believe all mommies feel the same way..

I wonder if I can see my baby foot like this! hehe..

Photo Source: Google.


Anonymous said...

best kan? :D rindu nk rasa bb's movement. bb dh kuar ni pn best jugak. cuma penattt jela hehe.

kenwooi said...

haha.. i think that pic was photoshopped? =P


This is .... said...

ina, betul tu.. best, kadang2 giggle sorang2.. hehe..

kenwooi, i think yes..