Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I Won A Kenko Fish Spa Voucher!


Few weeks ago, I’ve joined a giveaway at Plusizekitten blog.. Very simple, just leave a comment why I like to read her blog.. Yeay! I have been chosen as one of the lucky winner :P Thanks Tammy..

I already got the voucher from the blog owner.. I will experience 30 minutes of fish spa at Kenko Reflexology & Fish Spa.. And the best part of it, it will be here in Mid Valley!! Seriously, tak payah susah2 nak pergi tempat lain.. I’ve been thinking to have the session tomorrow during lunch our, but depends on the availability.. Kalau kerja ofis masih banyak, pun macam tak mengizinkan kot.. We’'ll see how..

Tak sabar jugak nak try.. Because I have never tried it before.. Kalau kat shopping-shopping complex tu, macam geli nak try, sebab kolam kecik dan macam-macam kaki rendam situ.. haha..


ken said...

so cool.. i never tried fish spa before.. seems fun.. hehe :P

sayahappyslalu said...
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sayahappyslalu said...

this will be my first time.. don't know how it feels.. hehe