Tuesday, January 17, 2012


These were what has happened to me this morning.. Please read my Twitter timeline from bottom to top..

*click on the photo for better view..

Haha.. Kelakar giler.. The important thing is, I am not late today.. Hihi.. Tentu Nescafe my hubby dah sejuk by the time dia bangun.. :P

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hamiDahRecKs said...
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hamiDahRecKs said...

hihihi,ko nih,,,nasib 5 pg.kalu 3 pagi??

pizet said...

wah..pz till now still x berjaya sampai awal ke ofis...huhu

sayahappyslalu said...

itulah tu.. kalau 3 pagi, aku tidur malas dah bangun.. hihi..

nak sampai awal,kena bertolak awal.. that's the concept :P