Monday, July 18, 2011

iPanelonline in Chinese Language?

Ingat tak aku pernah share fasal jawab survey iPanelonline sebelum ni? Baru-baru ni, iPanelonline has upgraded their website.. So, tiba-tiba website dia keluar tulisan Cina.. At first aku pun tak tahu nak buat macam mana.. Lepas tu baru terfikir, boleh guna Google Translate to translate the language.. Actually, tak susah pun.. Meh sini aku bagitau..

Bagi yang dah register, buka iPanelonline website.. You will see the screen like this, written in Chinese:


To change to English or Bahasa Melayu, tak susah.. Go to the right drop-down menu, there are 3 options of language to be choosen.. Lepas dah tukar, sudah senang.. Bolehlah jawab survey seperti biasa..

ipanel2  *Click on the photo for larger view..

Bagi yang belum register, boleh register sekarang! To tell you the truth, within 2 months, I have collected more than USD27.. After reaching certain points, I straight away redeemed my point.. Two or three days later, the money will go directly to my Paypal! Awesome.. hehe.. Bagi yang baru join tu, nak try untuk redeem for the first time (lets say takde survey untuk dijawab) boleh click kat tab My Survey, then choose Survey Centre at the left tab, and then choose System Investigation.. Kat dalam tu, banyak survey yang pendek2 untuk dijawab.. Try jawab sampai dapat minimum amount untuk cash out.. Once you see the amount in your Paypal, baru semangat nak jawab lagi banyak survey, kan? Because, Seeing Is Believing! Smile

Note: Beside the BERSIH 2.0, I thank you all the Malaysian (who are not involved in the rally) for making Malaysia a better place to stay.. Peace Yo!


Cahaya Kita said...

kak, saya try masuk tapi xlepas tang password... bila nak reg password tue salah format. mcm mana yer

sayahappyslalu said...

maybe kena combine huruf dan nombor untuk password..