Tuesday, September 27, 2011

First Timer: Kenko Fish Spa, Midvalley..

Recently, I have won a voucher for fish spa.. It was good to know that the spa is here in Midvalley.. Because of that, I kept on delaying on redeeming the voucher.. huhu..

Thinking that I won’t be able to go this week due to whole week training in Bangi, I decided to redeem it on last Friday.. The voucher is valid until 9 October, which I think there will be not much time for me after this week.. I will be going for another outstation on 4th to 6th October.. Busy kalah PM! haha..

Last week, after having lunch with my friends, I have got nothing else to do.. Browsing a shopping complex alone is not fun at all, you know! Except if I have something I aim to buy.. But, I already got used to it, anyway.. :P So, I had the idea to go to the spa.. It was 2.00pm at that time, I have 30 mins before office hour started..


After entering the spa, I was instructed to take off my shoes, wash my feet and spray some liquid on my leg.. Then, I was allowed to seat anywhere I like and enjoyed the fish treatment.. There were few kolam with different type of fish.. So, I tried one after another.. My first feeling is GELI SANGAT! haha.. It was because the fish were big..


IMG_3196  I’m not good at taking my own photo.. Jadi, cannot syok sendiri.. haha..


IMG_3200 Small fish.. Better! Tak geli sangat :P


IMG_3205This place is very relaxing.. Good to escape from busy work at office..



That was totally a fun experience for me.. Sekejap2 tergelak sendiri, sebab geli.. hihi.. But, I think there will be no more fish spa after this if happen I have to take out my own pocket money.. kehkeh.. Gile kedekut.. haha..

Note: Hari tu konon nak join satu contest ni, nak menang luxury handbag.. Sekali tu kena beli banyak ubat gigi.. huhu.. Aku beli satu je, jadi harapan tipislah.. :P