Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Who Said Boy Can’t Wear Pink?

When I bought baby’s diaper bag during my vacation at Bandung, few people ask me, “Kenapa pink?”.. Hehe.. Sebab mama suka pink.. No matter my baby is boy, yang bawak beg ialah mama, kan? :P

IMG_5425_1 Haikal’s diaper bag..

I also wanted to buy pink t-shirt and pant for our baby when we went out for baby shopping.. But, hubby refused.. He said boy cannot wear pink or other girly colour like purple.. Tapi, Haikal received few pair of rompers gift set from hubby’s friend. And, one of it is pink in colour… Orang dah bagi, kite pakai ajelah.. hehe.. So, this is how he looks in pink romper!

IMG_5646Even though I wear pink, I still looks handsome lah, papa.. :P


kenwooi said...

guys who wear pink is the real man! =P

Anonymous said...

sungguh comel,


This is .... said...

do you wear pink? hehe..

thank u :)