Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Looking For Rompers Model?

I can be one of them! :) See how I pose, sure your rompers will laku one.. Beside pink colour romper, I also suit for any colour..

IMG_5503In blue romper, few days after birth… This is how I act when watching football match and my favourite team wins..

Image0414 Polka dot love romper.. I can give sweet smile… “Bisa jadi peragut hati wanita”, like what my papa said.. :P

IMG_5810 In Yellow.. “Hi everyone…” while waving my hand to the air..

IMG_5776 Long sleeve romper from Auntie Dyan.. Now, it is very fit in me because I have gain weight a little bit..

IMG_5841 Pink romper.. With sleepy face..

IMG_5697 In green.. Tidur penuh gaya..

IMG_5899 Orange romper from Auntie Peng.. Me in confusion mode, muka selamba..

Image0402 In white.. I was told by the photographer not to look at the camera.. so, I pandang kipas la..

IMG_5835 One more in pink.. Muka tak puas hati.. hehe..

IMG_5821 Blue baseball romper.. In candid also, I do look good, rite?

So, do I have the chance to be your model??? Please.. please.. please.. kamu jangan nakal..


hamiDahRecKs said...

comey laaa
nnt aku ka mesia nk jenukbaby kal ni...
take carre

This is .... said...

baby haikal pun tak sabar nak jumpa auntie reck yang kerek.. haha..