Friday, May 4, 2012

Ralph Lauren Sales..

Ralph Lauren is having sales now.. 40% off with additional 15% off for total purchase.. Siapa suruh aku tertengok, kan dah membuak2 rasa nak beli.. Huhu

Nak beli kasut raya Haikal sebenarnya.. Lepas discount harga about USD30 which is considered cheaper than here.. Tengok kat Parkson harga RM219 takde discount..

Tapi, tulah (ada tapinya) Ralph Lauren tak ada yang ship direct to Malaysia.. So, I will use HopShopGo to deliver to me..

In case ada sesiapa nak join, let me know.. Refer tu Ralph Lauren US website ..Memang tak dapat free shipping ye.. So, shipping cost will be divided among us..

Let say tak ada orang join pun, I will proceed with my own order.. Hehe.. Just bgtau kot nanti ada yg mahu, tapi aku tak offer.. :P

Last date is before 7th May 2012..

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