Friday, November 18, 2011

I Won Koolred Twitter Contest…

Who knows with single word tweet, I could win the prizes? Maybe that was my lucky day.. hehe.. I have collected the merchandises at their office in Dataran Hamodal.. Now I know where Dataran Hamodal is, padahal dulu study UM dekat2 je situ.. hihi..

koolred Did you noticed this photo in Koolred FB page? :P

Thanks to Koolred Team for the freebies.. Koodred is Air Asia subsidiary, by the way.. That is why all the stuffs are red in colour.. Very Air Asia, lah!

IMG_3597 These are 3 items I got that day.. I love the cap because it can be added up into Haikal’s collection..

I showed all the items to Haikal.. He looked at it and continue to eat his fish-shaped biscuit.. hehe.. But, he did not resist when I put the cap on him..


IMG_3589 Busy little boy! Eating while watching video..


IMG_3593 Do I look fierce? haha..


Once again, thanks to Koolred team. I will definitely join more of your contests in the future.. :)