Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Free Chicken Wing & Biscuit From Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen…

Suka aku dapat makan free.. hihi.. It’s easy, firstly, kena spend makan kat Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen ni.. Then, keep the receipt.. Bila balik, login to their website dan answer a short survey.. Key in all the needed details, then they will give you a code.. Write down the code on your receipt.. To be safe, print out the coupon! Done..

Popeyes survey


Then, you can redeem your chicken wing and biscuit within 30 days from the purchase date.. Easy kan? Aku memanglah easy, sebab hari-hari lalu depan kedai tu.. hihi..

Kononnya hari tu nak makan free jelah.. So, redeem chicken wing ni.. Sekali tu, lapar lagi.. Apalagi, tambah makan pau kari ayam.. yam yam.. haha..

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preeti said...

I love the chicken and biscuits from popeyes.They are so yummy.I always save money on chicken by simply using Cajun fries coupons :)