Friday, October 7, 2011

Stand A Chance To Win In “A Solid Foundation Contest”…

Once a while, bila aku free, aku suka browsing through parenting websites or forums.. Kat dalam tu banyak info-info berguna yang boleh aku jadikan panduan, especially about breastfeeding, weaning off and now my current search is about how to potty train my child.. It was good to share with circle of moms about our experience in raising up our child..

Upon clicking through my usual website to understand more about my child, I came across Dumex’s website.. Tengok-tengok topic menarik, aku terpandangkan “A Solid Foundation Contest” tab in the Announcement Section, kat sini jugaklah dulu aku join the Mum’s Story Contest and became one of the winner.. :) I was very happy!


Oh, back to “A Solid Foundation Contest”, it offers great prizes.. By joining this contest, the winner will walk away with weekly, monthly and even the Grand Prize which all sumps up to a total more than RM600,000 of savings account for our child.. Interesting, rite? To know more about the contest, rules and regulations, you can download the contest form here..

Very simple you know! Just fill up the details, answer a simple question and complete a slogan.. Then, send the form with proof of purchase to Danone Dumex (M) Sdn Bhd, PO Box 143, Pejabat Pos Jalan Sultan, 46710, Petaling Jaya Selangor.. This contest has started on 1 September and will end on 31st December.. Masih ada banyak masa lagi, mari join ramai-ramai :)

By the way, Dumex already have weekly and monthly winners for September.. But, don’t worry there still a lot of prizes for this month until end of the year.. Who knows this is your chance to win a saving account for your child! It is easy, you can log on to Dumex Website to check if you are winner or not.. Their Careline will call the winners, so stay close to the phone! Good luck to everyone..


Can you see the list of prizes? I hope I can be one of the winner too.. Smile

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