Sunday, October 2, 2011

Rumahku Sudah Teduh..

Macam tajuk cerpen, aje.. hehe..

I will update about it later once I got back from Kuantan.. Sebab takde full photo lagi.. ;P

IMG_3325 Gambar ni pun masa belum siap sepenuhnya lagi..

I love sharing something good here.. “Good” in term of the contractor, reasonable price and satisfying outcome.. Kalau buat entah apa-apa, aku pun tak berani recommend.. Nanti orang complain kat aku balik.. hehe.. I also received emails and comments asking me about kitchen cabinet, table top, curtains so on and so forth.. Apa-apa yang boleh share, aku akan share.. On the other hand, I was so happy when one of my contractors said that he got many jobs because I share about his good work online.. Winking smileI will story about this too later..

Pss.. I’m on my way to Kuantan..

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umi hannan said...

saya berminat juga nak tahu..berapa anggaran nak buat kitchen kabiinet.