Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Haikal’s New Videos..

Looking at my baby, he really has grows beyond my eyes.. I always said he act like a big boy.. I’m so amazed to see what he have done and showed us.. He can open bottle cap by himself, so beware we need to cap the bottle tightly to prevent he spill all the water out.. huhu.. He also knows how to climb down from our bed.. To my surprise, he woke up from sleep and silently he crawled towards us in the living hall.. No crying and all.. Good boy! He always want to hold his toothbrush himself and brush his 6 tiny teeth.. He like the taste of strawberry toothpaste, actually.. Smile with tongue out

These are videos of my baby.. One is driving a taxi like a pro at Carrefour.. haha.. And the other one, a trial to be a cute mat rempit with his lion.. hehehe..

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