Tuesday, April 19, 2011

3 Little Houses, Which One Is The Strongest?

Hello mommies out there! I have something interesting to share with you today.. Smile

Have you seen the Mamil Gold TV commercial on your TV screen? When the advertisement appeared on my TV, my little boy, Haikal will suddenly stumbled in front of the tv… I could see his eyes is sparkling and his body is shaking because excited to see the 3 kids acting on the show.. Today, I replay the video on Mama Mil Facebook Fan Page and let him watch over and over again, until he felt boring and walked away.. hehe..

Here is the video by the way.. Let’s watch and share with your child :)

Look at my son watching the video!

clip_image002 Haikal watching the TVC on laptop.. Khusyuk betul, mata tak berkelip.. hehe..

clip_image004 Now, he acting like the laptop is his own one.. Don’t let mama touch the mouse.. huhu..

After watching the video, I am very impressed with the storyline.. It is entertaining and yet easy to understand.. I believe kids out there also tends to like it to the max just like my Haikal! Smile From the TVC, I found there are some useful stuff try to deliver to us, which I thought of sharing it here.. It mentions about the importance of IMMUNOFORTIS in Mamil Gold in giving superior immunity in the body if compared to other milk brands…

clip_image005Which one is the strongest? Stick House, Straw House or Brick House? Of course The Brick House!.. Because the boy who builds the brick house drinks Mamil Gold which is rich with IMMUNOFORTIS Smile

IMMUNIFORTIS is clinically proven prebiotic mixture that may help to support the body’s natural defenses and immune system.. What is prebiotic? Sounds like a serious issue here :P It is actually good information for mommies or parents.. I know, some of us sometimes, take things for granted.. But, there is no compromise in making sure our child is getting good nutrient in their daily consumption.. Okay, okay, back to our topic.. Prebiotic is a basically food for good bacteria.. A large part of the immune system lies in the gut… Mamil Gold is patented 90% GOS (derived from milk) and 10% IcFOS (derived from chicory root) IMMUNOFORTIS helps support your child’s natural body immunity or defence... A good immunity system is important as it will help accelerate the learning potential of the child… So that, as a mommy we will not be worry so much as our child is more resistance to sickness..

Other facts that is interesting about Mamil Gold milk is the milk provides 5x DHA.. I repeat, not 1x, 2x... but 5x DHA which is essential for our child’s brain development.. Who don’t want her child to be smart and superior, rite? Unlike the other milk brands that focuses only on the brain, the Mamil Gold child is a balanced child, intellectually and socially more adaptable or easy described as EQ and IQ…


Mamil Gold with IMMUNOFORTIS, provide a solid foundation for the best start of life!

Now, I know the importance of IMMUNORFORTIS for our kids during their youngest age... I hope this can be a good piece of info to all mommies.. Give the best to your loved one!

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