Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ada Apa Dengan Twitter...

I've just joined Twitter few days ago..
But, I don't have any idea if this one will do any good to me..
Maybe someone can explain more about it..
Like Facebook, I joined because I want to contact my long lost friend when I'm about to get married the other day.. And, yes, it helped me..

Oh, by the way, if you wanna twitter with me, use my nick: sayahappyslalu


ErnIe said...

twitter ni mcm blog, tp hanya limited words.. so, hanya boleh tulis pendek2 je.. look like message.. dr apa yang abang aku bgtau la..

This is .... said...

oook.. ni kalau guna iPhone or Blackberry syiok ni.. hihi.. tapi, takut addicted pulak..