Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Free WiFi in KL

I knew about the *free wireless broadband service (with speeds of up to 512 kbps anywhere in KL) when En. Ahmad told me about this.. Free lagi.. hehe.. Wah, macam best aje.. Selama ni, kalau kat rumah, I switched on the WiFi button and hoping that I can get WiFi signal which don't require authentication or password.. From Starbucks, Jaya Jusco, perhaps! Berangan betul, punyalah jauh Starbucks tu dari rumah aku.. hehe..

Ok, the first step before we can get connected is to register at Wireless@KL, enter your details and submit the application. Then, you will receive activation pin through your mobile phone. Once the pin is received, login in the website with your user name and password. Then, it will prompt for the activation pin.. This pin is required for the first time login.. Next time, dah tak payah lagi..

Since I am in Senawang now, that was what I have done.. Actually, from the User Guide, we have to do the other way round.. Refer the following step.. Malas dah nak type.. hehe

Note: click for larger image..

To those who are staying in KL, you can try this out and share your experience with others..
I will try at home when I come back tomorrow..

*Wireless@KL's 512kbps broadband wireless access service will be provided free of charge for a two-year period.. (this sounds sooo good.. Just imagine, in this "cost-reduction and economic-donwturn" mode, how much you can save if you spend RM68 monthly for the other "service provider" broadband services?? Let's calculate together-gether.. :P)

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