Friday, December 19, 2008

Surprise from Malaysian Government!

I was very surprise when I saw my last month electricity bill. It stated RM0.25 at the "Amount To Pay" column. I kept on looking at the bill and found out that some amount is supported by the government.. I didn't know that? Since when? This month, same thing happened, but, more exciting.. I don't have to pay anything... Except RM0.25, "tunggakan" which I didn't pay last month.. Dah murah pun, x mau bayar ka? haha. So, I ended up paying RM1.00 for the bill, because online transaction only allows RM1.00 as minimum amount. I can't wait to see my next bill, TNB will owe me 75 cent, I guess.. hehe..

Note: Are there any other bills the government want to support? I have a lots.. TM Streamyx, Maxis, Indah Water bills so on and so forth.. :P If they do, I will definitely vote them for the next general election.. Ayat bodek ni.. hehe..


hamiDahRecKs said...

amboi2 hang nih
pandai kipas yer skang
tak balik kl ker?

This is .... said...

kipas? hehe...
balik KL.. every week balik..