Monday, December 22, 2008

50 pcs Free Photos From EOE Online..

I did an entry about EOE online photo printing before, remember? After sending email telling them about the entry and my online printing invoice number, they replied me with a good news; they will print my 50 pcs photos and deliver the photos to me for FREE!! (This is another FREE "thing" that happened to me, beside the free electricity bill.. hehe.. Just writing about it in my blog, don't cost me any cent and sweat, right? :P). They took only 3 days to process and the photos finally reached at my doorstep.. That was very fast and good job.. However, I only managed to open up the plastic envelope a few days later because I was in Seremban on the day the envelope arrived at my parent's house in KL.. I just knew that the photos have arrived when I asked my mother about it..

These are the photos they sent to me.. They are properly arranged in 2 albums.. I was sooo excited to see those photos.. I like capturing photos, which is one of my hobbies, but unfortunately, my camera is stolen borrowed by my brother for his job.. This is the reason why I need new camera so much.. hehe.. When it comes to printing photos, only when I have extra $$, I will print my favourite photos.. However, what troubled me all this while is the printing rate is quite expensive (more than 30 cent for a 4R print) and I need to pay extra for their service charge.. On top of that, I have to travel back and forth to the photo shop; send the photos to print and fetch the printed photos... But now, with EOE online, no need to think about it anymore, everything is just at your fingertip.. click, click, and click some more (how many click la.. hehe), then, the photos will be delivered at your address... Easy right?I will definitely print other photos with EOE online again.. With only RM0.30 for 4R print (current promotion - i hope this will last forever.. hehe) and free delivery for orders above RM35.00, it is really worth it.. The quality of the photos also good.. Just remember, it is depending on the camera you use la.. Don't compare my 1.3MP Dopod camera with DSLR, okay! They are totally from different league... kuikuikui..

I did mention that I wanted to use the printed photo for my recent project, right? What was that?.. Jeng.. jeng.. jeng.. It is just a simple birthday card for someone..

I hope that "someone" will not get mad at me for posting it here.. :) Scrapping is also my favourite past times.. Hopefully, I can utilize as many photos I received from EOE online as I can for scrapping or otherwise, I put them in my personal albums..

Owh, in case you guys wondering how I got these free 50 pcs photos, I will briefly explain about it here.. It came to me when I unintentionally read my friend's blog.. She wrote about this online printing service.. I thought why didn't I try. No harm trying, right?.. By writing a review about EOE online, I am entitled for the 50pcs free print photos.. Then, when the photos arrived, all I need to do is to write about the outcomes/end product received.. This is what I am doing now.. :) Upon receiving our second review, they will send RM50 cheque to the bloggers.. Exciting, hmm? And... the most exciting part is one of the blogger will stand a chance to win an Olympus E-420 kit worth RM1999!. Wow weee..

Because of overwhelming response for this Blogger's Review Program and all 50 spaces have been filled up, they decided to extend it by introducing new Blogger's Review Program II with 100 blog entry spaces allocated! So, why wait some more? Go blog about it, friends!! When I'm writing this, there are already 46 entries in the list (54 spaces left), I hope you will have a chance to get the free photos like me as well..

Last but not least, T.H.A.N.K.S EOE Online.. I love the great services.. Keep up your work!!

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