Monday, December 8, 2008

Online Photo Printing... Very Cool!!

Have you ever heard about online photo printing or tried to print your digital photos online?

Online photo printing service give us chance to save money and time, by allowing us to upload our favourite photos to the service website and get them printed. Once they are printed, the photos will be sent to our doorstep. No hanky panky, no trouble...

Easy, right? No need to bring your pendrive to the photo shop to get your photos printed. All is at your fingertip now. Click here for more information.

eoe Online is one of the website in Malaysia which provides this service. But, not only photo printing service, they also have a wide range of photographic products to offer to their customers. Click this below image to view their website.

How to print your favourite photos?
Follow these following steps and you will never lost.. :)

Special print promotions (NOW!!):

  • Print 4R photo at RM0.30 each
  • Print 5R photo at RM0.50 each
  • No additional charges
  • Free deliver for orders RM35.00 and above
Sounds good, mmm? Not forgetting the time you saved travelling too! So, hurry up!

About the payment, there are a few ways you can choose at your convenient.
1. Credit Card.
2. Maybank2u
3. Bank in to their account and fax the payment slip

Have a try, ok! Click here.

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