Thursday, February 4, 2010

PappaRich.. MammaPokai..

Went to PappaRich at Seri Kembangan few weeks back for our late dinner.. The food was not bad at all.. I had fried rice with egg, while hubby had some sort of kuey teow soup.. I am looking forward to go there again.. If possible, I want to try all the deserts they have in their menu book… huhu.. In third trimester of  my pregnancy, I usually feel very hot most of the time, and my mind kept on thinking of having ABC la, ice-cream la.. Don’t be surprised if I said I ate 3 ice-creams in one day.. huhu.. Aiskrim biasa aje, yang stick tu.. But, if you give me Wall’s Selection Chocolate Heaven satu bekas, I think I can finish it all in one night.. :P Ni rasa nak pegi cari ni..   

Picture 307 My desert/drink.. Memang yummy.. I forgot the name.. But, after looking through their menu here, I think the name is Pappa ABC Special with Ice Cream..

Picture 306 Hubby’s drink.. Soya-cendol.. It tasted good too..

Picture 299 Very cozy place to dine-in, I think!

For other menu, you can find it here.. Have a try, maybe you will like it..


Emmet said...

mmg best layan mkn kt papparich.. br td lunch kt sane.. walaupun minum air sejuk je... hehehheehe

This is .... said...

air sejuk aje.. sebab diet ke, angah? keep it up!

LynnDa @ PeNg said...

yup aku pun suke jugak paparich nih...
my first thought ingat kan kedai nih jual macam rotiboy... upe2 nyer kopitiam... and have nice deco inside..

This is .... said...

aku baru balik makan kat papparich utk dinner tadi.. saja aje, letih nak masak.. hehe.. aku suka nasi goreng sbb sambal dia sedap..