Thursday, November 29, 2012

Gymboree Batch 20 & Batch 21 Have Been Sent Out For Delivery…

Just a short entry.. I have posted all the parcel to its owner on last Saturday.. Hopefully, by now semua dah sampai.. Kalau tak sampai, do let me know.. Tak sempat nak email sorang-sorang bagitahu dah hantar.. Sorry ye!


More than 30 parcels inside the shopping bags.. Bengkok bahu.. hehe.. Nasib baik ada trolley kat shopping complex.. :P

I will open order, InsyaAllah in December or January.. Just wait for my announcement.. :) Sekarang busy kat JB, lepas tu nanti susah nak delivery ke mana kotak2 baju, so might as well, relax dulu.. hehe..

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