Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Our New Family Member..

I am proud to welcome you to this world, little princess..

Her name is Puteri Marissa (Hope I spell it correctly!).. My sister-in-law has gave birth on 17.08.09 at HUKM.. I know my family is very happy to see there is a baby in our house again.. The last time is when Sofia was borned 7 years ago... I feel the happiness too.. I'm very excited and can't wait to see her... Sofia pun tak pergi sekolah semata2 nak tunggu baby balik dari hospital semalam.. tunggu ye, makcik datang kacau.. hehe..

I've been thinking, when she grows up, what should she call me?:) erm.. Mak Long? Makcik Emy? call me auntie Emy la, ok!... or tante Emy? haha..

After this, if I buy something for her, I'm sure Sofia will be jealous.. Dia kan tak boleh tengok orang lebih.. :P

credit: Epit - for MMSing me the baby's photo.


eliyana said...

tante emy???sesuai...hehehe...

This is .... said...

erm.. sesuai ek? nanti baby ingat aku bibik pulak.. hihi