Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tutorial - Font Formatting & Emoticon

Decicate specially to Ely. Hope this will help.
For this tutorial, aku nak mintak belanja. Ok tak, cik ely?

It is not difficult to change your font formatting. All you need to do is edit the HTML code in your post. Instead of using "Compose" to type your entry, try using "Edit HTML" this time and now, the power is in your hand. Or, type as per normal in the "Compose" section, then change certain format using "Edit HTML"..

For a striketrough format (nak cancel2 huruf tu.. ), type like the following:

Then, this will produce: Saya sedih happy selalu!
For other format, pls refer to other tutorials available in the web.

To insert emoticons, type the icon links in anywhere you like in your post :

You will see this later.
If want to change for other emoticons, try by changing the number 4.gif with other number. Try typing the link at your browser, you will see the corresponding emoticon.
: will give you this confuse look! hehe..

Good luck!

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