Saturday, April 14, 2012

Gymboree Order Submitted..

Aku dah submit Gymboree order – 4th Batch semalam.. Asyik masuk barang, barang hilang takde dalam cart, pening dibuatnya sebab list panjang berjela, mana nak detect mana satu yang hilang.. Last-last I decided to submit yesterday.. hehe.. Lepas submit, ada yang email bagi list nak order jugak.. :) So how?

Anyway, that’s not the end bagi sesiapa yg tak sempat bagi aku list.. I am opening another batch of order.. Please give me your list as soon as possible.. Aku akan terus submit once reaching its quota.. Sebab cepat sangat habis saiz.. huhu.. Just alert with your email or handphone, I will let you know bila barang dah takde, so that you can replace with another item..

Okay, submit cepat ye.. email me at emelia_khamis(at)yahoo(dot)com

This is the website to refer!

The conversion rate is RM3.15 sekarang..

FREE SHIPPING FROM THE US.. This sounds good, hmm?


Fathunnajah said...

dah email tp bnyak yg aim & sale dah abes...

sayahappyslalu said...

Yes, that's why hari tu i submit cepat2.. sbb takut byk yg lagi takde.. huhu