Monday, July 20, 2009

Get Rewarded by Completing Surveys..

Do you believe in such offer like this? For me, seeing is believing.. At first, I did not believe it either.. mana ada orang nak bagi benda free2, without us spending money.. But, I thought, no harm trying.. So, I joined two online market survey; one is conducted by US company, and the other is by local company.. Yang US tu, when I joined, they gave me a KFC voucher.. dah guna dah pun voucher tu.... Then, for every survey completed, they rewarded me with points which in the end I can redeem to USD.. Last 2 months, I have redeemed USD26 but unfortunately until now the money is not credited into my PayPal account.. Cit, menyampah.. Kalau tak, boleh shopping sikit2 kat ebay.. hihi.. So, now, I decided to stop answering their survey.. at least, not until they cash-in the money.. huhu.. This is how I experiment it..

But, this one local company, they give different rewards.. Once we have reach certain point, we can redeem many items, including handphone accessories, prepaid top-up voucher, shopping vouchers and many more.... Actually this is my second time redeeming my points.. Masa mula2 tu, redeem tooth brush holder je, nak tengok benda ni betul ke x.. hihi.. And for this time, I redeemed RM30 Coffee Bean voucher... yum yum yum.. tak sabar ni nak pekena ice-blended.. busy sangat, tak tau bile masa nak pergi.. Last week, my hubby brought back another RM10 voucher, given by his vendor.. so, bolehlah minum 2 round kat Coffee Bean ni.. hihi..

For those who are interested to join and get rewarded like me, you can try YourVoice and MySurvey.. (just click on the link).. All you need to do is to answer a few questionnaires, and you will be rewarded with points.. don't worry, there are no right or wrong answers.. Have a try ok!!

Note: I just joined MySurvey a few weeks ago.. So, lets experiment it together..

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